The biggest ball of string in Macy Lane has gone missing!  Can Miss Bobby-Socks find it?




 When Miss Bobby-Socks' giant ball of string goes missing she is eager to find out where it has gone.  With one end in her paw, Miss Bobby-Socks follows the string's trail around her home and neighbourhood to solve the mystery.  From bobbing in the laundry tub to braving the puppies next door, will she find out where her giant ball of string has gone?

Join Miss Bobby-Socks and her friends - Pistachio, a fluffy white cat with a minty tint to his fur, Teddy Legs, whose legs are just a bit shorter than the average cat, and Lavender Cushion, the little girl with whom Miss Bobby-Socks lives at Number 7 Macy Lane - in this story of fun, friendship and adventure!


30 cents from every e-book purchase is donated to Animal Welfare League NSW.


Available now from Amazon!  Click here a.png to purchsae your copy, or download a free sample!


Miss Bobby-Socks had an idea
She whispered for her friends to hear
"If we can't reach it, let's not fuss
We'll bring the rainbow here to us!"


Miss Bobby-Socks and her friends long to play in the rainbow in the sky.

But when they find it's too far away, the three kittens decide to make their own rainbow!

Miss Bobby-Socks and the Rainbow - Coming Soon!



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