Miss Bobby-Socks is bright, fun-loving and curious about the world.  She can also be a little bit naughty!  Miss Bobby-Socks has been known to dash through card games or leap onto Lavender when she’s having her afternoon nap, just to stir up trouble on a rainy day.

Miss Bobby-Socks favourite thing about herself is her knee-high socks!









Pistachio is soft and fluffy.  No-one knows why his white fur has a minty tint - although he's often seen rolling around in the dewy grass.

In the daytime Pistachio is adventurous.  But at night time he can always be found safely curled up on his owner’s lap.





Teddy Legs has legs much shorter than the average cat’s.  Whenever his friends take two steps, Teddy Legs takes three to keep up!  But Teddy Legs doesn’t mind because his family and friends love him exactly the way he is.  And he doesn’t let it stop him being part of the fun and adventures on Macy Lane!

Teddy Legs is a ginger tabby cat.  He is sweet and gentle, and is the youngest of the three kitten friends. 








Lavender is Miss Bobby-Socks’ best friend in the whole world.  Lavender adores Miss Bobby-Socks and plays with her every day.

Lavender lives with her mummy (Mrs Cushion) and her daddy (Mr Cushion) and Miss Bobby-Socks at Number 7 Macy Lane.  Her favourite colour is purple.  Can you guess what her favourite hair style is?








Tank and Turbo are the puppies who live next door to Miss Bobby-Socks.  Tank stands and barks and guards his garden from any furry kittens who try to run through it.  Turbo is an excitable puppy who loves to do everything fast.  No wonder he always looks windblown!




mbs_sticky-mouse001_1.pngSticky Mouse lives in a hole in the kitchen wall at Lavender’s house, but only Miss Bobby-Socks knows he’s there!  Sticky Mouse is quick on his feet and likes to have his velvety nose in whatever he can find in the kitchen – especially if it’s something sticky!


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