Kitten school is lots of fun,
they learn their lessons in the sun.
And if it rains, inside the shed
they all curl up and sleep instead.


Miss Bobby-Socks, Pistachio and Teddy Legs became best friends when they met at Kitten School on Macy Lane.

What was that?  You haven’t heard of Kitten School?  Then let me tell you about it!

In Australia, the country where Miss Bobby-Socks and her friends live, each and every kitten goes to Kitten School!  Kitten School takes place in the Australian summer when little girls and boys are on long summer holidays, so they don’t notice the kittens making their way in and out of the school playground.

Kitten School lessons include:

Cleaning Essentials:  Tummies, Ears, Paws
Pouncing Practice
Stretching – Beginners to Advanced
Introduction to Whisker Control
Learning to Cat Nap
Mastering the “Flop and Roll”
People Management (that’s how kittens and cats make sure they get tummy tickles and treats from their owners like you and me).


Now your pet or toy can be an Honorary Student of Macy Lane Kitten School.  Download the Certificate here!

1. Print the Certificate

2. Full in your pet's or toy's name and joining date

3. Colour in the Certificate

4. Put it up on your freidge or bedroom wall!


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